Hello, my name is Bruno.

I’m a Lisbon based multidisciplinary graphic designer and a full-stack human that likes to design brands, identities and ui design. I‘ve been working as a graphic designer for a while now and have improved a couple of skills along the way that make me different, I tend to have a minimalist approach to everything I do, I strive for the minimal perfection, if it exists.

I do typefaces as side projects, not a pro though, doing it for the challenge and the idea of leaving something behind. In my spare time I usually indulge myself with tv-shows, movies and books, but I also crave the sun.


As a freelancer I provide a range of services that allows me to take a project from start to finish.
I do Brand Development, Graphic Design, Identity Systems, Logotypes, Packaging, Poster Design, Print Design, Promo Collateral, User Interface and Website Design.

Agencies & Clients

Spirituc, DraftFCB, Wiz Interactive, Activemedia, R2 Seguros, Sipcam Portugal, Grupo Visabeira, Vista Alegre, Ignidata, Tux&Gill, Goma, Fuel, and many others.